Our Company

BNL Clean Energy provides standardised and modular zero emission clean energy plants for biomass and waste-to-energy solutions. Swiss state-of-the-art expertise provides your zero emission energy in forms such as diesel, fuel oil and wax.

Our Technology

Our patented zero emission clean energy technology combines a coal power station (thermal process) with a refinery (chemical process). The closed thermo-chemical process provides your zero emission clean energy supply for sustainable development.

Your Benefits

Our zero emission clean energy plant solves your environmental problems, offers independent sustainable energy supply and additional revenue streams. Learn how our clean energy plants generates environmental, technical and financial benefits for your operation.

Do you want Energy Independence?

In October 2013 BNL Clean Energy finalised its design and engineering phase and is focused on identifying partners in various sectors and regions who wish to establish plants.

Airlines, Chemicals, Construction / Engineering, Developer, Energy from Waste, EPC Contractors Investor, Finance / Banking / Insurance, General Developer, Mining, Paper and Wood, Petrochemical and others.