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BNL Clean Energy provides flexible, standardised and modular clean energy plants for biomass and waste-to-energy solutions. Through our closed thermo-chemical process – modern versions of pyrolysis, gasification and catalytic conversion - we offer the technology for your sustainable zero emission clean energy.

Zero Emission Biomass- and Waste-to-Energy

Our patented Zero Emission Process is based on proven technologies, such as pyrolysis, gasification and catalytic reactions. It allows for local biomass and municipal solid waste to be used for sustainable clean energy generation, eg. as electricity and district heating, similar to a thermal power plant. Flue gases within the plant are converted to synthetic diesel or other hydrocarbons (Fischer–Tropsch).

Leasing Solutions for Sustainable Clean Energy

We provide comprehensive financing or leasing solutions for our Zero Emission Clean Energy Plants. In addition, they generate new revenue streams in the form of commodities, such as synthetic diesel, kerosene or other hydrocarbons. Consequently, reducing CO2, greenhouse gases and your carbon footprint becomes a profitable strategy.

Reliable Sustainable Clean Energy from Local Feedstock

When utilising your local feedstocks such as waste, biomass, sludge or biosolids for feeding the Zero Emission Clean Energy Plant you generate renewable sustainable clean energy for your community and at the same time contribute to the global goal to reduce the carbon footprint of all human activities.

Your Energy Revolution! Independent Power Supply

Your energy revolution is a Zero Emission Clean Energy Plant providing your operations with sustainable clean energy. Whether a private corporation or public utilities, we offer you a Zero Emission Solution. Read our case studies to learn how your activities can become a part of the decentralised sustainable energy systems and smart grids of the future.

Multi-Feedstock Modular Zero Emission Power Plants

Our modular Zero Emission Clean Energy Plants are self-supporting; no external power or water supply required. They are standardised and allow for multiple feedstocks (biomass, coal, waste etc.) while the output can be adapted to your energy mix (electricity, heating, cooling and synthetic diesel).

Plant Options: Desalination and Water Treatment

Our modular Zero Emission Clean Energy Plant can be extended with several options, eg. seewater desalination, potable water production or waste treatment modules. Through this your Zero Emission Clean Energy Plant can be enhanced to cover a multitude of your utility needs.